Anti-Vaccine Fears Lead to Controversies

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Anti vaccine hesitancy, sometimes called anti-vaccine rationalization, is an obstruction or refusal to receive or to apply vaccines due to concerns about side effects, health risks, or worries about adverse reactions to the vaccinesThis is considered to be “herd immunity,” whereby a higher percentage of individuals who are not exposed to disease remain uninfected and healthy.

Some people do not want to take a vaccine because of these beliefs, and others have unreasonable fears about unseen complications from vaccinesThere are many theories as to why individuals develop conspiracy theories about vaccines and their side effects.

These theories can range from concerns about autism and chronic illnesses caused by vaccines to fears about the ingredients in vaccines and their toxicity.

conspiracy theories can be traced back to ancient times, when epidemics were caused by natural disasters, which were blamed on gods or other supernatural forces for causing the outbreaksThese theories have since been expanded upon to explain current real world events, such as the recent measles outbreak in vaccinated children in America.

There are many other conspiracy theories surrounding vaccinationsThe belief that diseases contracted through vaccination are being spread by scientists to create a super virus or another means of creating a biological weapon is also popular, even though this theory has no scientific evidence to support it.

Some of these theories explain the rise in childhood vaccinations against deadly diseases, explaining the increase in the number of deaths from these illnesses.

Others explain the decrease in immunity after a disease is cured with a vaccineStill others blame the deaths from diseases contracted by contaminated vaccines on greedy doctors who are trying to gain profits by selling these vaccines to the public at an expensive price.

Whatever the cause is, many parents who chose not to receive the anti-fever/pus-filled vaccines or those who refused to allow their children to receive these vaccinations because of religious beliefs are being penalized in more ways than one by the state.

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