Electric Vehicle – Now is the Time to Go Green!

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With global warming being one of the biggest issues of our times, electric vehicles have become a logical choice to make your life much easierAs electric vehicles continue to gain popularity around the world, the demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers is also on the rise.

There are several different reasons why you should consider purchasing an electric vehicle charger for your carOne of the biggest reasons is simply because it can save you so much money on fuel each year that it would be unwise not to get one.

Electric vehicles that run primarily on electric energy have in the past accounted for nearly 99% of new passenger vehicle sales.

But sales of electric vehicles also are growing rapidly, especially among those who use electric vehicles for just short distancesNew models of both electric vehicles as well as plug in hybrid electric vehicles are also entering the marketplace yearly in increasing numbers.

The reason why electric vehicles now outnumber petrol powered vehicles is simple to understand; petrol powered cars are very much more expensive than electric vehicles when you factor in the cost of running a car on petrolElectric cars, on the other hand, cost about the same to run as a petrol powered car.

In terms of how they power the car, electric vehicles do not produce harmful levels of pollution compared to petrol powered cars.

Fuel emissions from electric vehicles come from the electric motor itself which is a smaller unit than in most petrol powered carsAlthough the motor itself does not produce harmful emissions, there is the CO2 storage which can build up over time if the car is driven hard.

Although electric vehicles do not emit any CO2’s directly, the speed at which the car uses the electricity used to power the vehicle can lead to increased levels of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Electric vehicles convert electricity into gasoline which is a cleaner fuel that is better for the environment and has been proven to be safer for the environment as well.

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