“In Obama We Trust: A Memorable Memoir,” by Former President Barack Obama

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Barack Obama was elected president of the United States in 2020, following his historic election to the White HouseHe is now the most famous African American president in history, and he has become the most popular man in the US.

He was also, however, the oldest US president ever electedThis new book biography of the US president focuses on his time as president of the US – his years as a community organizer, his time as a lawyer and his time as a community leader.

The new memoir of Obama, aptly named After Obama: One Nation Under God, written by journalist Deirdre Madden, tells the story of how the then Illinois senator from Chicago won the presidential primary election, defeating Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Obama then went on to win the general election, beating out Clinton in the popular vote marginNow as president elect, Obama faced a number of historic obstacles, particularly in his first term as president.

A large number of his first cabinet members were either forced out or resign because they didn’t support his agenda; his approval ratings never reached the heights that he had hoped for, and after four terms, a historic political crisis happened when the credit crisis hit Wall Street started to crash – with many blame on Obama for this.

In this new book, former president Obama tells how he responded to these difficult times in his presidencyThis memoir also gives details on what his relationship with Congress really was like, and how he managed his executive office and the bureaucracy that he inherited from his wife.

The author writes about the achievements of his first term as president, and he explains how he kept his promise to Americans during his campaign, and how he was able to build bridges across party lines to reach across to the centerHe explains how he dealt with congressional Republicans, and the Tea Party, as well as explaining how he managed to push through his agenda after Democrats and Republicans fought tooth and nail over health care reform.

The bottom line is that readers will learn a lot from this new book, “In Obama We Trust,” by former president Barack Obama.

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